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Ricky Hayes and Debutify has allowed me to grow my business using Google ads to over $20,000 a day just using his Youtube videos. I self teach myself these techniques and using Ricky's free content has allowed me to build a business overnight.
Thank you Ricky & Debutify

Travis Yee

Patrick Frenetee

25th of December I had zero sales all my sale when down, I was loosing money with all the app and cost of my store, That’s where I decided to ask Ricky Hayes and get in his program after 9 days in his program I have adset that my cost per purchase is under 5$ which is insane! I can thank you enough mate you are a real rockstar of facebook ad!

Tarun Asnami

Hey Guys! Just wanted to leave a quick testimonial for Ricky Hayes his course is hands down the BEST course I have ever invested on (I have paid like 8 gurus and NONE of them has the amount of updates and constant uploads of new amazing videos.

Ricky I needed your help, because I am scaling a product but I need an agent that has good shipping times and great prices please!

BTW: It’s only 11: AM for today and already 1.7k 🙂

Product Price: $6 COST, selling for $28.

Scaling with CBOs, going to test manual bid strategy too

Akhilesh Parashar

Ricky Hayes I would like to thank you for providing a strong foundation and understanding of e-commerce through your videos and specially your course. There is no comparison of your course with any available courses over the internet. The details you have provided, its a learning institute in itself. We have started making over $100 a day. It would not have been possible without your support and course you have created. Its a master piece and you keep on adding to it. I would recommend everyone to take it to next level and go for the course which Ricky provides. Its a lifetime access and that will remain with you forever. Keep learning and keep progressing.

Student Rating: 10/5

Wassup everybody! Just wanted to give Ricky Hayes a quick shotout here as it is the smallest I can do for all that much he provided.

To make a quick summary, I have been watching Ricky and implementing his advices since the very beginning of his mentorship career, actually before he even decided to start this group. Then, I have eventually became member of his (a) paid GOLD CLASS group and also (b) purchased his COURSE.

Before all, I failed a lot, spent a lot of money, been frustrated, but never thinking about giving up – and in the end, thats the only difference between those who succeed and those who dont. With his help & guidance, I have been able to scale one of my stores from scratch to sustainable $2k days within 5 days of time and around 30% profit margin.

For anyone who is still wondering about whether to invest in any kind of his services – whether it is Course, Premium Gold Class Group or 1 on 1 coaching – just go for it. Dont think about it. Dont try to figure it out all by yourself. His guidance will allow you to cut the curve by more than a half and allow you to put the proper system in place.

Now ask yourself.. What is worth to do, to invest in yourself and learn lifetime invaluable skills or just jump around ending up spending thousands of $ without any direction?
Answer is up on you

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