Seven Ways To Use Guerilla Marketing To Grow Your Ecommerce Store
  • By: Ricky Hayes June 3, 2021

Seven Ways To Use Guerilla Marketing To Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Competition in an online selling space is already aggressive. Customers are spoilt for choice. It must not be a big deal for you if you’re an already established business. Startups, however, may have to think differently. Obviously, they don’t have enough money to spend generously on traditional marketing channels. So what are their options? Guerilla marketing has quickly become the talk of the town because of its unconventional yet highly result-driven approach. 

Every business can harness the power of guerilla marketing tactics to nurture relationships, promote brand advocacy, and increase leads and conversions

Sadly, many startups and small businesses are still not realizing its power for their business. 

If your current ecommerce store marketing strategies are not getting you the desired traction, guerilla marketing may be the answer. 

In this article, we’re going to unveil seven guerilla marketing ideas to grow your ecommerce store in 2021 and beyond. 

But before you dive into the details of the best guerilla marketing tactics 2021, first, have a look at what guerilla marketing is, how it works, and how it benefits your small business in the long run.

Guerilla Marketing Explained

Guerilla marketing tactics comprise unconventional marketing ideas used by both startups and established businesses to promote their products and services at a fraction of the price it could typically cost. 

Businesses can launch guerilla marketing campaigns using online and offline (sometimes a mix of both)channels. 

Here are a few things that set guerilla marketing campaigns apart from conventional marketing campaigns.

  • The element of surprise is always there
  • The campaigns are usually cost-effective
  • The ideas are based on psychological factors and emotional interactions
  • Guerilla marketing campaigns are unorthodox, and hence, riskier and proactive than traditional marketing campaigns

Guerilla Marketing –  Statistics

It has gained momentum in recent years because of its unorthodox nature and cost-effectiveness. Did you know guerilla marketing tactics are used by more than 27% of decision-makers in Germany? 

According to research, marketers using guerilla marketing tactics spend 90% less on advertising than those who don’t. 

Benefits Of Guerilla Marketing For Your Business

Benefits of Guerilla Marketing for Your Business

Improves Brand Awareness

Marketers launch guerilla marketing campaigns to create a buzz around a brand. With unconventional approaches and marketing techniques, guerilla marketers leave an everlasting impression on their target audience. 

People remember these campaigns for years because of their creativity and cleverness.  

Helps You Outperform Your Competitors

Although it can nudge your prospects toward a purchase, it is used by a small percentage of marketers these days. 

Now, what does that mean? It means you’ll stay ahead of competitors who’re not using unconventional strategies if you’re using guerilla marketing tactics to grow your ecommerce business.

Creates A Strong Connection

The very essence of using guerilla marketing ideas for your online business is it helps provoke emotions and establish a strong connection with your potential customers. 

Promotes Collaboration

Since guerilla marketing techniques involve creativity, it is not easy for brands to create these campaigns single-handedly. 

Sooner or later, they have to collaborate with industry experts and different businesses and organizations to scale their marketing efforts. As a result, they tend to gain more exposure and enjoy long-term business partnerships. 

Expands Customer Base

It not only helps to strengthen your bond with your current customers but also enables you to target new customers. 

The entire process revolves around targeting your customers with convincing tactics that give them a reason to convert and stick to your brand for their future buying needs. 


The most obvious benefit of using guerilla marketing to grow your online business is cost-effectiveness. 

The techniques used in guerilla marketing don’t cost a business an arm and a leg, just like other conventional marketing strategies

Sometimes it even costs nothing to promote your product in unconventional ways. 

Helps Your Brand Go Viral

Customers always admire creativity over anything else. Guerilla marketing employs exciting and innovative marketing approaches. This helps your campaigns go viral in no time. 

Guerilla Marketing – Challenges

It also comes with a few disadvantages (read: challenges). 

Since guerilla marketing is all about defying the odds, failure to grab customer’s attention through your campaign can cause more harm than good. It may even result in causing customers backlashing or boycotting your brand. 

A carelessly created campaign can also put your brand into legal trouble. 

Last but not least, there is no guarantee that your campaign will get viral in the desired timeframe. 

Guerilla Marketing – Types

There are different types of guerilla marketing campaigns that you can create for your ecommerce business. We’re going to highlight a few of them to help you get started with your first campaign. 

Street Marketing

As its name implies, it revolves around creating street marketing strategies that immediately grab customer’s attention. 

Today, many brands, including KFC, NIKE, and Adidas, implement street marketing tactics to connect with their prospects and existing customers.

Even if you’re a startup, you can creatively use street marketing strategies to create brand awareness.  

Stickers Strategy

Many businesses print promotional stickers containing their brand logos to create awareness amongst their target customers. These stickers can be placed on public transport to advertise a product.

You can even paste flyers inside buses and trains to let your potential customers know what you have in store for them. 

Ambient Marketing

Another creative idea is to promote your product by interfering with the natural flow of things. Have you remembered that KitKat-shaped bench the brand has placed at various public places to promote its product? That’s what is called Ambient. 

Experiential Marketing

Experiential guerilla marketing, popularly known as live marketing, is the process of creating pop-up experiences that provides your target audience with an idea of your products and services. 

Viral Marketing

Businesses can also leverage viral marketing tactics to create campaigns that become popular in no time. 

This tactic requires immense creativity that helps you create highly targeted guerilla marketing campaigns.

Seven Ways To Use Guerilla Marketing To Grow Your Ecommerce Store

1. Build Engagement Through A Pop-Up Shop

If you think internet marketing is your only option to promote your ecommerce store, then let us tell you that’s not the case. 

Ad-blocking technology has evolved, and many devices automatically block your expensive ads even before they’re shown to your target customers. 

Promoting your brand into the real world may sound unconventional, but it enables you to reach your prospects without any barrier. 

Setting up a pop-up shop is one of the best ways to interact with your potential customers in real-time. With a physical pop-up shop, you can provide your customers with a tactile shopping experience, which isn’t possible when you stick to traditional online marketing tactics.

You can also sponsor local events to get your name out there with countless brand awareness opportunities. 

2. Give Away Samples

It takes a great deal of planning and market research to launch a new product to market. Especially if you’re bringing a new idea to the table, you first have to test the waters to check whether it has demand.

Trade shows, local industry meetups, and conferences are the best places where you can meet with like-minded people and share your product samples.

Sampling is the best way to drive quick engagement. When people get products for free, they feel obliged to use them and provide feedback at their earliest. 

If your products are expensive and giving them away as samples isn’t an option, you can consider distributing branded merchandise to gain the attention of your target audience.

People love receiving fun and creative things. So sharing a keychain, pen holder, or photo album with your company logo will entice users and help them become your regular and loyal customers. 

3. Create And Share Viral Content Online

It doesn’t necessarily need to be offline. Sharing viral content online is an effective guerilla marketing tactic that enables brands to expand their brand reach exponentially in the shortest amount of time. 

But similar to any other marketing effort, creating viral content with the potential to convert prospects isn’t an easy thing. 

Here, the role of your marketing team is critical as they need to know what type of content can spread like wildfire and spur conversation. 

4. Place Banners And Billboards

Placing billboards and banners is another proven street marketing tactic that allows you to reach millions of users without breaking a bank.

Creativity is the key here, though.

Think out-of-the-box fun marketing ideas that immediately grab customer’s attention and persuade them to take your desired action. 

5. Create A Social Challenge

We have seen many genius guerilla marketing social campaigns during a pandemic. The benefit of creating a social challenge is that it enables people to participate and become part of your campaign directly.

Use simple and fun ideas to create unique social challenges that get your audience engaged. 

You can also involve celebrities and famous media persons to become part of your campaign and spread the word. This tactic can be extremely rewarding when done right. 

6. Send Hand-Written Thank You Notes

The idea of sending thank you notes as part of your follow-up strategy isn’t new. But did you know it could also be a guerilla marketing tactic? How? Let us explain.

Instead of sending automated thank you messages, send a hand-written note through a courier to show how much you care about your customers. 

Now take this a step further and include a discount voucher that a customer can redeem on their next purchase. 

7. Celebrate Special Days Using Fun Ideas

7. Celebrate Special Days Using Fun Ideas

Holidays are the best time to promote your ecommerce business. Sure, announcing sales for holidays is a good idea, but it sounds so conventional. 

After all, every business hosts sales and giveaways during the holiday season. Krispy Kreme launched a donut giveaway deal a few years back. The brand asked customers to dress up according to the theme to give their campaign a creative twist. 

The campaign got popular in no time. Krispy Kreme has also promoted this campaign on their social media platforms to create customer engagement. 

Guerilla Marketing – Case Studies


Nike, the famous sports shoes and accessories brand, has used several guerilla marketing tactics in the past to promote their products. We have seen their iconic ‘✔’ symbol on benches and even on escalators to remind prospects of the brand motto. 


Snapchat also made noise by displaying its logo on giant billboards to create hype about its app. Google witnessed thousands of searches related to  “white ghost yellow background’  before the official launch of the Snapchat app.

Burger King

We have also witnessed a breakup on Burger King’s official Instagram account. While the brand tried its best to give the entire conversation a realistic touch, there are many reasons why the incident looked staged by the brand.

Sarova Hotels

Sarova Hotels also benefited from a guerilla marketing tactic to promote a good cause. The leopard sitting on a lamppost grabbed the attention of many. The brand has combined social and environmental concerns by initiating an interesting and incredibly creative campaign to raise awareness about wildlife safety.


UNICEF also implemented a genius guerilla marketing tactic by selling dirty water to the residents of New York. 

The idea behind this campaign was to create awareness about the situation of people living in under-developed countries. Sure, nobody consumed dirty water, but people donated generously for the cause. 

Guerilla marketing is powerful. It all depends on how creatively and cleverly you create your campaigns to create a buzz around your existing and upcoming products.

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