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  • By: Ricky Hayes April 20, 2021

SEO Trends For 2021: The Top 12 SEO Trends You Need To Know In 2021

SEO is the heart and soul of your digital marketing strategy. It enables you to attract more potential customers by improving your site’s search engine visibility and ranking. 

But a lot has changed in the world of SEO in recent years. Statistics suggest that more than 3.5-billion searches are conducted on Google every day. 

But did you know the second page of Google receives only 0.78% of those clicks? Why? Because present-day customers are busy and impatient. Most of them prefer to choose results from the first page instead of exploring the second or third pages of Google.

Now imagine your brand ranking on the, say, sixth or seventh page of Google. Can you outperform your competitors with this search engine ranking? No, right? SEO matters. 

SEO trends for ecommerce are ever-evolving. With so many techniques, it’s easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed. We have created this SEO checklist for 2021 to highlight the top SEO trends for ecommerce. 

After reading this post, it will be easier for you to determine which specific SEO strategies to focus on and which you can safely ignore. 

Why SEO Matters for Your Business?

You have to reconsider your approach if you think SEO is outdated. SEO is very much alive and evolving at a massive pace. Businesses that don’t leverage the best SEO tactics suffer in terms of lead generation and conversion optimization. 

Besides that, there are many other perks of following the best SEO trends for 2021. 

Improves Brand Awareness

Many ecommerce businesses use SEO trends to create brand awareness. Higher search engine rankings lead to more impressions that help users remember your brand for their future purchases. 

Unlike advertising which is an expensive way of marketing, SEO grows your traffic organically without having you spend extravagantly on your paid marketing efforts.  

Acts as a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

SEO serves as a strong foundation for all your future marketing efforts. SEO is more about intellect and decision-making than using pricey tools and solutions. 

If your budget is low, you can leverage SEO to drive more traffic and sales. 

Improves Website Traffic

SEO enables you to attract quality traffic to your website that eventually turns into leads and conversions. 

Here, it is also critical to know that SEO is not only about driving traffic. When you link your optimized content to high DA websites, it also increases your credibility and business reputation. 

Helps You Stay Competitive

This is critical as you don’t want to lose potential customers just because your rivals benefit from the right SEO strategies. SEO allows you to get quality traffic on your website, and you can also make your visitors spend more time on your site using the best SEO trends for 2021. 

Provides Business Expansion Opportunity

When you get more traffic and conversions for your website, it will become easier for you to expand your business operations. 

SEO also enables you to collect feedback from your customers. Businesses that collect feedback from their customers can customize their offers and satisfy customer’s needs better. 

You Get Data

SEO revolves around user data. With this data at hand, you can see what your customers are buying and the prices they’re most comfortable with. 

Data collection also enables you to customize your offers.  

Top 12 SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2021

1. Get Rid of Everything that Impacts Your Site’s Load Speed

Previously, ecommerce website owners could get away with a slow website. We remember waiting for at least five minutes before our favorite website fully loaded. 

But that’s no more the case these days. 

Slow websites cause frustration and discourage customers from spending time on your website. Research also suggests that a one-second delay in page load time can reduce the conversion rate by up to 7%. 

Page load time is also critical for SEO. Google also included site speed as one of the essential SEO factors back in 2010. 

Here are a few things you can do to improve your site speed:

– Remove all non-essential elements that could reduce your site speed

– Deactivate plugins and uninstall apps you’re not currently using

– Declutter your sidebar

– Reduce redirects

– Optimize images

2. Optimize for Google BERT

If you haven’t heard of this term earlier, you’re not alone. Google BERT is an advanced algorithm that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand searcher’s preferences.

BERT works in 70+ languages and enables Google to understand things like humans. 

Even if you have the best content in the world, BERT will ignore yours if it fails to satisfy the user intent. 

It is also critical to know that Google BERT is an integral element of Google’s search algorithm and not an algorithmic penalty. 

In a nutshell, your goal as an online seller is to create BERT-friendly content that satisfies user intent. 

3. Link to Other High DA Websites 

The biggest mistake ecommerce store owners make is they don’t link their site to other relevant sites thinking it takes customers off their page. 

But, this is not correct.

Link building is a smart SEO tactic that increases your site’s credibility in front of the search engines when you link out to high DA websites. 

Here the key is to only link out to pages that are highly relevant and offer tremendous value. 

If you’ve already collaborated with any influencer, you can also ask them to link back to you. 

Make sure you keep your focus on quality instead of quantity. 

4. Conduct Keyword Research

There are more than 175-billion searches on Google every month. Did you know more than 50% of those searches are zero-click searches? The way Google is displaying information for the users has excluded the need to click a result. 

Google business listings and featured snippets have made it easier for the users to get answers without even finishing typing a query. 

Given the constant advancement in search engine algorithms, it is more critical than ever for online businesses to invest resources in keyword research to find keywords that attract traffic and drive sales. 

For this, you must find long-tail keywords using the best keyword research tools available online. Find out keywords that are rankable and generate quality traffic for your website. 

5. Mobile-Responsiveness is Crucial

According to research, more than 52.2% of all website traffic is generated from cell phones. Google also introduced mobile-first indexing in 2019. 

With more than 3.5-billion mobile phone users worldwide, it is essential than ever to optimize your website for mobile responsiveness. 

You can also take Google’s free mobile-friendly test to check how well your site goes with Google’s algorithm. 

From website design to customer support, your goal is to ensure that your web and mobile users get the same experience. 

6. Leverage Web Analytics

Web analytics and data science have come a long way. They let ecommerce store owners understand their customer’s needs and buying preferences. 

Also, they can help you identify the URLs that are getting crawled by the search engines, the site’s loading time, redirects, bounce rates, and more.

When you have enough data in hand, you can use that to find out pages that you don’t want Google to index. 

Fortunately, there are many online tools available online like SEMRush that help you tackle everything. Staying on top of your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO will enable you to pinpoint your weaknesses and strengths, allowing you to improve your web presence consistently. 

7. Voice Search and AI will Dominate the SEO Space

More than 27% of online users use voice search to find out their desired products online. 

Most voice search queries usually include long-tail keywords, so you must get that keyword research step right. 

Since voice search technology is constantly growing, your online business needs to jump on the bandwagon to benefit from this hottest SEO trend for ecommerce. 

Here are a few things you can do to get started:

– Use long-tail keywords that are highly relevant and specific

– Optimize your answers

– Leverage structured data

– Include a comprehensive FAQ section

– Use conversational language

Similar to voice search, Artificial Intelligence has also transformed the way online businesses work these days. AI enables businesses to personalize their solutions and provide the users the results they’re looking for. 

While SEO specialists can help you to some extent, it takes years to understand how a search engine actually works. That is where AI comes in as it offers accurate results without needing to invest extravagantly in research and analysis. 

8. Benefit from Video Marketing and Featured Snippets

With more than 1-billion users, YouTube dominates the digital space as the second most popular search engine after Google. You must be missing out on an opportunity to target a massive chunk of potential customers if you’re not using videos to market your products and services online. 

Start a YouTube channel and optimize your videos for your target audience. 

Featured snippets are another prominent Google feature that appears at the top of SERPs. These snippets are beneficial for both websites and searchers. 

Sadly, there is no hard and fast rule to get your content featured on search engines. But one can still follow a specific format guideline to increase their chances of getting featured on search results. 

9. Implement the Best Influencer SEO Strategies

Influencer marketing is an effective digital marketing tactic that allows businesses to partner with people experts in their area of expertise. 

People trust these individuals and follow their recommendations. More than 89% of digital marketers also consider influencer marketing as the best strategy – better than any other form of marketing. 

But you have to be very specific when it comes to integrating your SEO marketing strategy with influencer marketing. Remember, not every influencer or celebrity can help your brand, so you have to choose the ones that have your target audience as their followers. 

Here are a few benefits you can get with your influencer marketing and SEO strategies.

– You can get natural backlinks from influencers

– The collaboration may result in increased brand visibility and engagement

– You can have plenty of social media and referral traffic when you combine your influencer marketing and SEO strategies

10. Keep Your URL Structure Simple

Use a readable URL structure that doesn’t confuse search engines and users. Don’t include numbers and special characters in your URL as they don’t tell users what to expect from your content.

Ideally, your URL should look something like this: name/ article title/

11. Integrate Your SEO Tactics with SMM

SEO is an integral element of your social media marketing strategy. While Google does not take social signals into account, they do impact your search engine rankings. 

Many case studies also validate this point. If you are also looking to have more social signals in 2021, you must create more relevant and optimized content you can share across your different social media profiles. 

Also, encourage people to like and share your content so that your brand gets more visibility. 

Another proven SEO trend for 2021 is to host more contests on your social media channels so that you get more engagement, likes, and shares. 

12. Use the Right Keywords in Images

SEO goes hand in hand with image optimization. Google and all other search engines give high preference to visual content. When users look for any particular image or video, they type their desired keywords in the search box. That is why it is critical to include the right keywords in your image’s names and captions.

No, we’re not asking you to stuff your images with keywords, but you should include a reasonable number of keywords to help users find your images while doing a Google search. 

When it comes to image optimization for SEO, always remember, relevance outperforms cleverness or creativity. 

These SEO trends for ecommerce are trending at the moment. We hope our SEO checklist 2021 has helped you create a foolproof SEO strategy that drives leads and conversions.

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