How to Successfully Use Snapchat Ads for Your Shopify Store
  • By: Ricky Hayes July 13, 2020

How to Successfully Use Snapchat Ads for Your Shopify Store

After you’ve set up your Shopify store, you need to direct as much traffic as possible to your site in the hopes of converting some of that into sales. There are several ways of doing this. You can engage in email marketing and other forms of digital marketing like paid advertising and content marketing.

However, in the digital era, social media marketing is one of the surest ways to get your brand recognized by masses in your target audience. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter take up the preference of most digital marketers.

Given that they host a wide variety of demographics and do so in insanely large numbers, it’s no surprise that marketers gravitate towards them.

However, other platforms have fewer users but host key demographics. One of these is Snapchat. Its 210 million users pale in comparison to Facebook’s billions. However, Snapchat holds a key demographic that props up the eCommerce industry – Gen Z and late-stage millennials.

Half of all U.S internet users between the ages of 15 and 25 use Snapchat. With this demographic, online shopping is second nature. Your Shopify store should, therefore, invest in Snapchat ads to target this market.

Read to find out just how you can leverage this platform to build your brand.

How to use Snapchat ads to advance your Shopify business

Using Snapchat ads to boost your brand is a no-brainer. As we have already mentioned, the platform hosts a key demographic when it comes to online shopping. Their numbers top those of both Facebook and Instagram.

So, if you have a product that particularly appeals to the younger generation, Snapchat should occupy a central position in your social media marketing strategy.

The platform offers various formats of ads that you can tailor to your strategy to boost brand awareness and traffic to your Shopify store. Depending on the size of your marketing budget, you can utilize the Story Ads, Snap Ads and the Collections ads.

By crafting various types of content to suit these forms of Snapchat ads, you can create a following that is eager to share everything that appeals to them with their friends.

Here is how you can make use of Snapchat ads to grow your Shopify store.

Exhibit your product range artistically

Exhibit your product range artistically

Snapchat is a highly visual-oriented platform. Text rarely has any engagement unless it’s part of a larger visually compelling piece of content. You should, therefore, showcase your products as much as possible.

To reiterate, it’s all about the visuals on Snapchat. You, therefore, need to ensure that you provide the best visual content if you want to surpass the impact your competitors have on your shared target market.

Consequently, you should allocate a significant part of your Snapchat ads marketing budget to top-notch photography. This ensures that all your content looks professional, dispelling any chance that your brand isn’t legit.

These exhibits of your products show just what the items look like and their quality. Additionally, these videos can show just how your customers can use the product.

Craft content that appeals to Gen Z and younger millennials

We’ve already pointed out the key demographic that uses this platform. Furthermore, we alluded to your photo- and videography making your brand look professional. However, this professionalism shouldn’t come off as overly official.

What do we mean?

Snapchat users aren’t the type to identify so much with the suit-and-tie type of bland professionalism. They’re all about having fun and taking things lightly.

You should, therefore, engage with your audience in that manner. Your content should depict lots of fun and your interactions with your audience should also come off that way.

Not only will this improve your standing with this given target market, but it will also boost your brand recognition and channel more traffic to your Shopify store.

Therefore, when creating content, you should have your buyer persona in mind and craft material that’ll appeal to them. You shouldn’t come off as a distant corporation posting bland content but as a personality that they can relate to.

Engage in influencer marketing

Just about 40 percent of Snapchat users say that they discover brands through influencers. Influencers are celebrities or platform users with large followings. When these endorse a brand or products, a large number of people on the platform take notice.

This creates interest in the brand or given product, prompting other users to check it out. After all, if this celebrity is using it, there must be something of value there.

You should, therefore, try out influencer marketing to boost your brand recognition. However, you shouldn’t just pick out any celebrity or user with a large following. Your influencers should be people that either fit your buyer persona or have a considerable amount of sway over your target audience.

Many influencers charge per post. Therefore, you should plan your content properly and ensure that a single post packs enough punch to cause a satisfactory impact within your audience of interest. In this way, you’ll make sure that you get value for your money without spending too much of it.

Another point to note when it comes to influencer marketing on Snapchat is that this younger audience is particularly adept at sussing out a marketing ploy in an influencer’s content.

You should, therefore, create a strategy where your influencers deal with your product naturally and matter-of-factly.

Make use of the different interactive formats of Snapchat ads

Snapchat offers different kinds of marketing channels on its platform. For instance, you can use Story Ads. These are found in Snapchat’s Discover feature. This is an organic feed that features news, current events and pop as well as friend’s Stories.

Users can switch between brand content or their friends’. The Discover feature enables your brand to create stories that promote your Shopify store. After all, half of Snapchat users that use this feature view the stories in Discover every day.

The social medium also offers Snap Ads. These are full-page ads that show up in the user’s feed. If those few seconds of video ( can be up to 10 seconds long) interest the user, they can swipe up to view more information about your Shopify store brand.

Snap Ads are especially good for small or fledgling online stores because they can point directly to a sales page or provide more product information. Additionally, they are cheaper to buy compared to other types of Snapchat ads.

Collection ads are also good for your Shopify store. They help you focus on your product range. If you’re using a video or photo to promote a given product, you can add a few other related products beneath that post.

Bigger brands can also use Geofilters or Sponsored Lenses to create a brand-centric Snapchat experience. However, these kinds of Snapchat ads cost tens and even thousands of dollars to run in just a day.

Run exclusive offers on Snapchat

Run exclusive offers on Snapchat

With a demographic that really takes to online shopping, you don’t really need to prod them too much to ensure that they try this type of buying products.

However, you can try to steer them to your Shopify store by running exclusive promotions on your channel.

For example, you can provide discount coupons to your followers so that they can visit your store. If they’ve been engaging with your content and already are interested in your offerings, this is a good incentive to finally buy something.

You can make things more interesting by offering coupons exclusive to your Snapchat followers and placing a time limit on their viability. Not only will this increase traffic to your store from your followers, but you will also get more followers on the platform who want to take part in more of the same.

This increase in followers widens your base that you will market to later on.

Take your followers backstage

There’s an overload of content on Snapchat. This means that your target audience can easily find content elsewhere if yours becomes too monotonous. Your competitors are jumping at the chance to claw back every inch of market share that you give away.

You should, therefore, create content that keeps your audience coming back to you. One of the best ways to pique the interest of the audience is by taking them behind the scenes.

You can show them the team that works to make the brand tick along. It’s always nice to put faces to names. Alternatively, you can show them the day-to-day workings of your team, including photoshoots and packing items to send them off to buyers.

Followers find this kind of content different and, therefore, interesting.

Final thoughts

Although small in terms of the total number of users, Snapchat is still very advantageous as a social media marketing tool. It houses a demographic that is hugely vital to the sustenance of the eCommerce industry.

You should, therefore, use it to market your wares to the younger millennials and Gen Z.

To do this, you need to craft high-quality content for your audience. This means high definition photo- and videography. Additionally, it should be engaging content that your audience can relate to. The audience also relates to influencers, meaning you should try to engage some of the influencers to promote your products in a discretely natural manner.

Snapchat ads come in different varieties and you should be able to make use of the ones that suit your Shopify store.

With all this, you can keep tweaking various aspects of your strategy and testing to ensure that you’re getting a return on investment.

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