How To Get The First 100 Sales In Your New Ecommerce Store
  • By: Ricky Hayes August 11, 2020

How To Get The First 100 Sales In Your New Ecommerce Store

You might look at businesses already succeeding and say “I’ll do just that”. Think again. The struggle to get more sales down the road is a little different from getting your first ecommerce sales.

Let’s get into the different ways in which you can get your first 100 ecommerce sales:

Wherever you are traffic-wise, you need your store to convert. A good place to start is having a theme with the right features. To boost sales, download Debutify, the highest converting free Shopify theme.

Set Growth Goals

The 100 sales figure in your head isn’t enough. Decide how quickly you want to get to that number. When you have a time period set, you easily know how effective every action is.

Break down that period into smaller ones with their own sales goals. Turn this into a chart which you update each time you make a sale.

Connect With Customers

Connect With Customers

Slide your business into many of the conversations you have. Whether face-to-face or online. “Hey, where do you get your shoes?” “I have this store I’m running and I want to know if you’d be into the ones I sell.”

Ask as many people as you can about where they buy. When and how much they buy. And at what price. Some of these people will ask you questions too. Sizes, prices, shipping etc.

All these questions help you create profiles. If everyone around you buys shoes once in 3 months, put your focus somewhere else.

Use all this information to create a persona. This is basically a person who would be into what you offer. Find out who of these people buys regularly and draw them in.

Come Up With A Funnel

A sales funnel is all about putting the crowd you’re selling to, into levels. List them in the order of how close they are to a purchase.

Count the people you’ve told about your store. Find out how many people visit the site. Separate those who buy once from those who buy many times.

Keep tabs on other groups like the subscribers and loyal fans. The goal is to find where these groups cross each other. You’ll have to create email lists and set other ways of getting leads.

A funnel helps you know how much you need to do to get a new buyer or another sale out of a buyer.

Give More Value

Most of the people you want to sell to are already buying from another store. Don’t just ask them to buy from you. Offer something else, like a guide on how to get the right item out of a collection.

Some stores give shoppers the option to change shipping addresses with an order already on the move. Find something extra to make buying from you feel different.

Get On Bigger Platforms

While your site appearing higher on Google results is key, do a bit more. Get your products on Amazon and tap into their large customer base.

You’ll have to lean on the products with the best purchase rate. Also make sure to get all your good reviews next to your listings.

A quick way to rank higher is to run a promotion with Amazon. Give away products on platforms like Honest Society to get your reviews up.

Partner With Another Brand

Approach someone with an established business and ask to have your brand next to theirs. Offer something in return, like selling some of their products for a low charge.

People who already buy from that person may occasionally get those products from your store. You can then try and point this new traffic to other items.

Be ready to convert new traffic by using a good theme for your store. Download the free Debutify theme to get more sales out of new visitors.

Be Present At Events

Look for events within your area that have potential buyers. Have samples of your products available for people to try out. Get your Point Of Sales (POS) set up with your Shopify for those who want to buy.

Pick the ones who are interested and let them know where to find more of the product. An example can be taking hot sauce to a BBQ event.

Events help you find an audience of a specific type. They also give you a chance to judge the reception of your products. and Eventbrite are good sources to keep up with local events.

Interact On Social Media

Jump into conversations where people are discussing the kind of products you sell. Mention your store try to build interest.

Join groups dedicated to topics similar to your product categories. Share materials with brief and important details about your store.

Open business accounts on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. Share tagged posts and buyable pins. These help you make a sale directly on social media through buy buttons.

Win Over An Influencer

Make a list of all the close influencers that are in your line of business. Pick one and give them that goal you’re chasing.

If you don’t have the money for the established professionals, start with a micro influencer. This person may command a small unit like a university student group.

Break the crowd into groups like gym friends, workmates and study partners. Seek out the popular person in each of them. Offer them a good deal if they can get a few other people to buy.


Register as a source on Help A Reporter. Check some emails and reach out to reporters when you get a good opportunity. Pitch about a topic where you can offer valuable unique information.

As the representative of your store’s brand, you get to carry it with you if your pitch is selected. With HARO, you can get free hype on major news outlets like Reuters and ABC.

Remember, many journalists don’t want to be quoting only the big visible brands. Be the small business that fills this gap. Here’s more about creating media relationships through HARO.

Put Out Well-Targeted Ads

Once you have a buyer persona in mind, put together a strong message. Use Facebook Ads to create a preset that targets that exact kind of person. Make sure they see the ad enough times to be aware of your store.

Occupy other media too. Pick a radio station that broadcasts to the location you’re targeting. Even a podcast or YouTube channel about topics surrounding your products.

If your budget is a bit thin, consider options like Google AdWords. The beauty of these ads is that you only pay when people click. With that in mind, you can set ad spend to only the number of clicks you can afford.

Hand Out Some Freebies

The trick to doing this right is picking those who actually needed the product. Say your store sells party supplies. Find out which friend has a birthday, wedding or some celebration.

Give them a part of the supplies they need as a gift. This person may buy the rest from you. It will also help bring some attention from their circle to your store.

The other option is to give them a very good discount they can’t pass up.

Sell Through Content

Sell Through Content

Write an article about a topic that ties to your business. Look for a blog with a large following. Get your piece posted as a guest and include a link to your store.

With this tactic, you tap into shoppers who like to seek the opinions of authorities. Extend this into a series. This can be a weekly top 5 list of trending products. Be sure to include something you sell, and your store too.

Jump Into Product Feeds

A lot of sites combine product information and compare offers on various marketplaces. Take a look through sites like The Find, Shopzilla and Google Shopping.

Note the different offers displayed. Adjust yours to be attractive and get it into those pools. This puts you in the eyes of all those who want to compare offers and find the best one.

These product feeds can drive free traffic to your site, but they won’t convert for you. A competitive price won’t get you the sale if your store features don’t create smooth shopping.

Support your attractive offer by getting the free Debutify theme to convert that free traffic.

As we wrap up, know that to get your first ecommerce sales, some things are nearly a must. You have to be wherever there are people. To be picky from the very beginning is dangerous.

Be ready to give away some free products or sell them cheaper than you’d wish to. Make peace with buying attention and prepare for all kinds of traffic.The closer you get to the 100 sales mark, the more you should set higher goals. This is where you’ll need a theme with premium add-ons to convert. Click here to get Debutify, the highest converting free Shopify theme.

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