How to Find Great Dropshipping Products That Sell
  • By: Ricky Hayes May 8, 2020

How to Find Great Dropshipping Products That Sell

If you’re new to eCommerce and have no particular niche you want to be involved in, you can find yourself spoiled for choice regarding the products you want to sell. Before you settle on a type of product to sell, you can experiment and see what appeals to the market.

However, stocking your eCommerce store with several types of products to sell doesn’t make financial sense. You will drain your coffers on items that won’t even make it to your final list.

Additionally, you need to be able to offer your products at an affordable price, beating out the competition and making a profit as well. Therefore, it isn’t feasible to waste your capital on such an endeavor.

However, you can sidestep this problem by running your Shopify store using a dropshipping model. In this model, you don’t have any ready stock taking up storage space or capital. Customers buy the product and you then order it from a supplier or manufacturer.

Using this model, you can keep your costs down. Whether you’re testing out products or moving headlong into the business, dropshipping presents several advantages.

So, how can you find great products that you can successfully sell using the dropshipping method? Read on to find out how you can find out.

Finding products to successfully sell through dropshipping

The dropshipping model of running an eCommerce store allows you to be able to operate with a wide range of flexibility. If a certain product isn’t bringing in as much as you expected, you can always pivot to a product that the market has an appetite for.

In this article, we examine the different ways you can use source dropshipping products for your Shopify store. The basics for these products including being in demand, profitable and easy to ship to customers.

This is how you can unearth products that fit this bill.

Look out for trending products

One way to make a killing in the eCommerce sphere is by latching onto trends and selling products that have massive appeal during that time. When they aren’t the in-thing any more, you can then pivot to another product.

However, the drawback to this method of choosing products for your store is the fact that there’s high competition on the platform. Everyone is trying to sell the same thing. You, therefore, have to distinguish yourself from everyone else by tailoring the product so that it’s specific to your brand.

For example, if tank tops are the trending item as summer comes close, you can target various niches. Instead of selling plain tank tops, you can print signature statements or custom designs to make them more appealing.

Alternatively, you can identify an item that’s about to become popular before it does. By offering this product early, you’ll be getting on the ground floor of this particular trend, enabling your Shopify store to rake in the cash before others get wise to the product.

Take advantage of a particular niche

This is the total opposite of latching onto a trending popular product. If you find that you’re not up to jostling for market share with a horde of other businesses, you can always find a particular field where the products appeal to only a certain type of person and not everyone.

Take an example of jewelry. Necklaces, pendants and rings are very popular products in this field. However, you can still find a specific niche in this category that can bring in steady sales for your eCommerce store.

In the jewelry category, you can target people who believe in astrology. So instead of offering necklaces and pendants, you can sell bangles or anklets that are adorned with zodiac signs.

You won’t have as much competition as those who are dealing in jewelry that is for purely aesthetic purposes.

Furthermore, operating in a particular niche reduces the amount of funds that you spend on marketing your brand. You’re not selling to a large widespread target market. Your audience knows what they want and will always look out for it.

By building your name in a specific niche, your Shopify store puts itself in a position to branch out to other related products.

Attach quirkiness to functionality

When searching for great dropshipping products, pay particular attention to those that will provide value to your customers. These are products that can provide some functional purpose at home or work.

However, many people won’t buy a generic plain product even if it offers value. They will just scroll past and find something else.

Therefore, you need to do something that catches the eye of the customers, making your product stand out. Gimmicks are a great way to make an item more interesting. When potential customers are scrolling through your product range and see something quirky, they’ll examine it.

This fusion of functionality and quirkiness is also more than likely to trigger an impulse buy.

84 percent of online shoppers make impulse buys. Furthermore, of all the money spent on products in eCommerce stores, 40 percent is attributed to impulse purchases. In the same vein, half of impulse buys are made when shoppers are excited.

Therefore, you should not only choose a product that is useful to your customers but one that also drums up excitement in your target market. They’ll be more likely to buy something that is both functional and causes such a reaction in them.

For example, if your store caters to kitchenware enthusiasts, you might offer wine bottle racks whose recesses are shaped like a honeycomb. Not only is this item useful in holding several wine bottles, but its quirky shape also bolsters the aesthetic of the kitchen.

With such a combination of characteristics, this product is very viable in a dropshipping model of operating a Shopify store.

Find products with the right price

As we have already stated earlier, many people who partake in dropshipping on their eCommerce stores look for popular products. This means that most of these products are at a low price to remain competitive in the marketplace.

When you decide to go this route and deal in the trendy popular items, you need to find products that make financial sense. If you subtract the funds you pay the suppliers for providing and shipping the product, do you still make a reasonable profit?

You, therefore, need to research the listing prices that your competitors offer and what their suppliers charge. If you believe you can get a better deal with another supplier, you can add that item to your product range.

For example, if your supplier charges you $5 to make a product available plus shipping, the ideal price would be at least thrice that at $15. If you subtract the funds headed to the supplier, you’ll remain with $10 from which you maintain a reasonable profit after subtracting further expenses like marketing.

Choose a product in a niche where you have some prior knowledge

Another way to find the right product for dropshipping on your Shopify store is to choose items in a niche where you have prior extensive knowledge and experience. When you’re familiar with a product or the niche, you can easily sell it because you know the value.

Additionally, this knowledge comes in handy when there’s a significant amount of competition in the marketplace. 

You can set yourself apart from the other parties by using your knowledge. You can better market your wares when you know all the ins and outs about the product, niche and buyer personas you’re interested in.

This is especially handy when you’re using content marketing to bring attention to your eCommerce store. By explaining the technicalities as well as other aspects of the niche, you’ll stand out as an authority on the subject.

Consequently, potential customers will flock to your store instead of the competitors because they believe in your product.

With such a strategy in place, you can take on dropshipping to move your products out into the market.

In Summary

Dropshipping is a great model to use when running your Shopify store. It requires little capital to get started and doesn’t require a lot of resources to keep the store running. However, finding the right product to subject to this model can be difficult.

To find the ideal product range for dropshipping, you need to look out for trending items; they have a ready market waiting for them. If you prefer to avoid the hassle of high competition, you can instead get products that target specific niches.

Additionally, find a niche in which you have experience and expertise so that you can stand out from the competition. You can also take advantage of online shoppers’ impulsivity. Offer products that have both functionality and quirkiness to trigger these impulse buys.

Finally, dropshipping requires that you price the product just right. The ideal price should be low enough to remain competitive but also enough to cover the costs and still leave a sizeable amount for profit.

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