How To Effectively Offer Customized Products On Your Shopify Store
  • By: Ricky Hayes September 15, 2020

How To Effectively Offer Customized Products On Your Shopify Store

People like feeling special. They spend a lot on unique products so they can stand out from the crowd. But what’s unique today may be common tomorrow.

Big brands have boosted sales by making customized products for their customers. Smaller stores can too. Technology has improved enough for you to make a product fit a particular customer’s desires.

As an idea, customized products take on many forms. Each can get you more customers. To offer personalized products in a way that brings more sales, you need a smooth store website.

Get a Shopify theme with features that make customization orders easy. Download Debutify, the highest converting Shopify theme, for free to get your store fit for turning these sales.

Here’s how you can offer customized products on your Shopify store:

Change The Kit

Identify all the products that come as a collection. Desktop computers. Sound systems. Anything that usually comes with more than one piece. Give customers the chance to choose different accessories.

Let shoppers choose different lenses for their cameras, cables for their phones. Even a mouse for a computer. You can use kit building to boost slow moving products.

Offer lower prices for accessories bought in combination with a main product.


Look for all the items on which designs can be printed. T-Shirts, mugs, phone cases, you name it. Put an option next to them allowing customers to submit a design. Offer some ready designs to pick from too. Just like tattooists do.

Partner with services like Printful that can print, pack and ship on your behalf. Have different offers based on units ordered. Companies looking to make lots of branded merchandise may take up a friendly offer on bulk purchases.

Upgrade Your Store

Upgrade Your Store

Buy some customization plugins or apps. These come with features that make the process of choosing custom designs easier.

Reorganize your product pages to include extra slides of the product. Each of these has some parts of the product looking different. Some of these apps include Customify, Zakeke and Inkbay.

This process requires changing your theme to one with powerful features that aid customization. Download the free Debutify theme to make converting through custom products easier.

Speak To Personas

Study the data your store’s site produces. Place your shoppers into groups based on things like location and product interests. Come up with designs that speak to those particular groups.

For example, you may have a lot of people from New York buying sweaters from your store. Create designs showing major monuments in that area. You can also go with popular slang from that particular place.

When shoppers from that location look at a particular product, show them the customized option too. Here is more good advice about personalizing shopping experiences.

Partner With Customizing Brands

From cars to shoes, iPad cases to dog collars, there are many brands already customizing products. Look for a company that makes these products.

Make an arrangement to list their products on your store. They can sell you some stock. Or, you can have a few variations made and displayed on your site. If the agreement allows, they can handle packing and shipping of these orders for you.

An example of this is DODO cases that can be found on RedBubble.

Make Designs Shareable

Include a share option on your customization pages that produces a link. Some customers want other people to see their creations. This can also help advertise your store.

It’s good in situations where someone is creating a custom design for a group. This can be sports team gear. It may also be other items like coasters, door mats and other objects for bars, hotels and such.

A customer making these orders can get feedback from teammates. This gets you closer to the sale when they like the design.

Mention Designs As Benefits

Some changes like color and material may seem like just another quality. Sell these options as pluses. Offer a bright color option as “highly visible”, “reflective” or “glow in the dark”.

Other texture features like studding on mats and gloves can be offered as “extra grip”. There are many other benefits like stain resistance, UV resistance etc. Find the design feature that gives that benefit when customized, then rename it.

Offer A Save Option

Creative processes are open-ended. Customers won’t always be able to start and finish their designs quickly. Give them the option of saving them. This makes them more likely to return and buy.

It’s also helpful in cases where they want another copy of the item (say they lost the last one). Or if they want to get another piece for a friend with slight changes. They won’t have to start the entire process again.

These saved templates can help you generate multiple sales. They are also good for gathering leads. “Sign up to save your design”. That’s your opening.

Educate Within The Process

When you shop for electronics like DJ equipment, they may have different ports for inputs. Plugs may not be compatible with some power outlets.

Have zoom-in features that emphasize these parts. Attach pop-up windows with detailed information on how they work and how they can be changed.

If a device is made for 120V, enlarge the power supply section. Make it clear that using it on 240V will damage it. Offer the option to have it stepped up before delivery.

Specify Shipping Times

Product images are usually light. Customization pages give you a chance to offer some more information along with designs.

Show the extra time added to delivery when a customer changes designs. Use convincing language like “only 2 days extra”. This helps put the customer at ease about the length of the process.

If the duration is fair, you get a little closer to making the sale.

Provide A Starting Point

Some shoppers will find it very challenging to start a design from a blank page. Have a simple template available. This serves as a base on which small changes can be made.

Offer user-friendly tools that guide them through the process. From color changes, to sizing and so on. Customers who feel assisted in creating their designs will end up grateful. This makes them want to return and buy.

Have A Popular Section

This works well in cases of kits with accessories. Some shoppers may be unsure about what choices to make when customizing their orders.

Gather data on what customization choices previous buyers made. Organize it in profiles. When a shopper who fits a certain profile is customizing, show them the popular accessories.

Go a step further by adding some competition to it. Make it possible for shoppers to rate previous designs. As this causes the creation of more and better designs, customers get more choices.

This may help boost sales as some shoppers may want multiple designs. To offer such an experience, you need a theme with engaging features. To increase sales through more custom options, download Debutify, the highest converting Shopify store, for free.

Display Reviews

Display Reviews

Set up your customization process to collect reviews from users. Get reviews from a third-party review site for more trust. People tend to try what others have already recommended.

These show potential customers that users of your customization features are satisfied with the results. This can get them trying out these functions.

Include Discounts

As shoppers create designs, many will end up spoilt for choice. Some may want the product in different colors for example.

Give the option to buy multiple designs. Group them together and offer a reduced price for shoppers ordering for more than one unit.

You can use phrases like “get it in 3 different colors for only $10 extra”. “Add a short-sleeve version and get 15% off the price.”

This works well for things like clothes, which some people may not want to be seen in multiple times. A statement tee quickly gets old. There lies your chance to squeeze another design out of them.

Reach Out To Past Buyers

Set-up retargeting messages for those who bought one unit. If possible, include a picture of their design slightly changed. Suggest it to them. Add designs that other shoppers made too.

Remind those who haven’t completed their design process. Use a line like: “Wondering what your design will look like finished? Try out our new color tools”.

Keep engaging the customer throughout the process.


Customized products can make your ecommerce store more successful if offered right. Primarily, you need to gain a very good understanding of your customers.

Be prepared to collect all the additional factors that influence their purchases. Proceed to do research on customizable products.

Find out the service providers, tools needed, and the costs. Understand how lengthy the customization process is for different products.

Rearrange your site to properly house this new customization option. This may require a new theme. Get one that allows for adding sharing, saving and other options that attract customers.

Debutify is the highest converting Shopify theme, with powerful add-ons designed to help your Shopify store convert traffic through customized product orders. Download Debutify today – it’s completely free!

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