Effective Ways To Boost Conversion Rate With A Call-To-Action Button
  • By: Ricky Hayes May 14, 2021

Eight Effective Ways To Boost Conversion Rate With A Call-To-Action Button

Choice-overload has made it hard for buyers to make a buying decision. They have many questions, and they visit your website to find answers to these questions. That’s where call-to-action buttons come in. The biggest mistake marketers make is they avoid CTAs believing it’s a pushy sales tactic. But your goal as an online seller is not only to help confused customers but also to convert them into paying clients. 

CTAs are an essential marketing tactic that acts as a bridge between marketing and sales. It is a tool to guide the buyer into your conversion funnel and helps you get the most of your marketing efforts. But to set your CTAs apart from your competitors, you have to create a CRO-focused CTA strategy. First things first, it is essential to know that not all CTAs are created alike. There are different types of CTAs, and each serves a distinct purpose.  

So before you even plan to create CTAs for your website, you must learn the basics of an ecommerce call to action and how you can use it to boost conversion rate. 

We have created this post to help you know everything about ecommerce call-to-action buttons. So without wasting a minute, let’s get started. 

What Is A Call-To-Action?

According to Investopedia, “a call-to-action is a marketing term that refers to the next step a marketer wants their customers to take.

“In other words, a call-to-action is something that encourages customers to move to the next step of the funnel. A typical CTA consists of a creative copy and a graphic that inspires visitors to click a button and move forward to the next step. 

There is no definitive guideline that can help you create perfect CTAs for your ecommerce business. Every marketer has their own priorities and set of rules regarding content, graphics, fonts, colors, and placement. 

Now you must be wondering what sets successful CTAs apart from unsuccessful ones? The answer to this question is simple – it’s the value they provide to the customers. As long as your ecommerce call-to-actions are tailored to fit the needs of your target audience, you’ll be on the right path. 

So your first focus should be on offering value to your buyers either through education or entertainment. 

CTA Buttons VS Link-Based CTAs

CTA Buttons VS Link-Based CTAs

While many marketers still use link-based CTAs to save time and effort, CTA buttons are definitely a good choice for conversions as they can improve your CTR by up to 28%.

Since buttons are more detailed and can include special effects, it works to capture visitor’s attention and encourages them to take your desired action. 

Now that you know what ecommerce call-to-action is, it’s time to explore different CTA types that you can embed in your website design to boost conversion rate. 

Types Of CTAs That Improve Your Ecommerce Conversions

Lead CTAs

As its name suggests, lead CTAs are designed to turn site visitors into customers

Product Discovery CTAs

Website visitors can use ‘Product Discovery’ CTAs to know more about your products and services.

‘Continue Reading’ CTAs

‘Continue reading’ or ‘read more’ CTAs encourage customers to read through the information available on the website without loss of visibility. 

Form CTAs

A ‘Form’ CTA persuades customers to fill up forms available on your website and turn them into leads. 

Sales Closing CTAs

Sales closing CTAs help businesses close a sales deal without implementing any hard-selling strategies. 

Social Media Sharing CTAs

Social media sharing CTAs encourages visitors to share your content across different social media channels. 

Event Alert CTAs

Are you planning to host any events in the coming days? Use an event promoter CTA to let your visitors know about it. 

How CTAs Improve Your Conversion Rates?

Your website performance and conversion rate go hand in hand. Helping customers understand why move to the next step of the funnel can have a massive impact on your business success.  

Clear and action-driven CTAs on your landing pages boost conversion rates by up to 80%. Also, you can expect up to an 83% increase in your ROI when you appropriately place relevant CTAs on your main pages (source).

In addition to that, call-to-action buttons also improve user engagement and overall user experience. How? Let’s explore.

Ecommerce call-to-action establishes a connection between what your customer wants and what you have in store to fulfill their needs.

Also, having CTAs on your website makes it easy for the users to access content on your site.  CTAs represent a professional image of your business and make it easy for buyers to locate your products and services. 

When your customers find everything easily without the hassle, they start enjoying their shopping journey. All of this contributes to increased conversion rates and also results in a loyal customer base that stays loyal to your brand no matter what. 

Essentials Every Ecommerce Call-To-Action Needs

CTAs come in different colors and sizes. Also, as mentioned above, they’re designed to serve distinct purposes. Based on your goals, you can add or exclude elements from your call-to-action buttons. 

Regardless of your goals, most CTAs include these essential components. Make sure you pay attention to all these essentials to create CTAs that actually contribute to your conversion process. 


The title of your CTA acts as a hook that captures your customer’s interest and encourages them to stay on your website and proceed with the buying process. 

A title can be anything – a title of your post, an offer, or a question depending upon what you’re looking to achieve from it. 


You don’t have to write a description if your CTA is a small button. If not, you can experiment with your creativity by writing a brief text highlighting what you’re about to offer or achieve. 

Don’t exaggerate. Write a short and to-the-point description that follows up and explains the offer.


A CTA without an offer is like a body without a soul. Your customers will only click a call-to-action button if they find there is something of value for them. 

Whether it’s ‘Get Flat 10% Off’ or ‘Download a Free Ebook’, make sure you offer something of value for your buyers in your CTAs.


If you’re just starting out and unsure how to take your CTA game to the next level, start by adding a simple button. Having attractive buttons with simple texts like ‘Download Now’ or ‘Click here’ will help your customers know what to expect next. 


The next factor on our list of essentials is ‘Visuals’ that give your users a visual hint about your offers. There are many tools available online that you can use to create thumbnail images for your CTAs. Luckily, most of them are free. But you may have to hire a professional designer if you’re looking for something more specific. 


The colors of your CTAs can make or break sales for you. Generally, ecommerce websites choose white or lighter backgrounds. Choosing bright and bold colors for your CTAs ensures you immediately draw your visitor’s attention. 

Choose contrasting colors for different components in your CTAs so that the text is clearly visible against the background. 


Typography is another CTA essential that significantly impacts your conversions. 


It looks boring. Why? Because it has lots of text and that too without any textual emphasis or hierarchy.

Isn’t this CTA Just Perfect?

Why? It includes everything – caps, italics, and spacing.

You got that, right?

At this point, you must know what CTAs are, why they’re essential for your ecommerce business, and how you can create them for maximum conversion. 

What’s next?

You can’t get your desired results without optimizing your CTAs for conversions. The following section highlights our top proven CTA optimization tips every ecommerce store owner must implement right away to boost conversion rate. 

Eight Effective Ways To Boost Conversion Rate With A Call-To-Action Button | Best Practices

1. Keep It Simple

While it may be tempting for an ecommerce business to present customers with all the available choices in their CTAs, it is better to keep your Ecommerce call-to-actions simple and to the point.

Choice overload, as discussed above, can overwhelm your buyers and cause more harm than good for your conversions. 

A simple yet effective CTA with one message will help your customers focus on a single goal, and they will find it easy to make a decision. 

2. Invoke A Sense Of Urgency

Scarcity triggers a sense of urgency. When a customer sees their favorite inventory is selling out fast and they’re left with ’24-hours’ to purchase from the last lot, they won’t delay their decision and make a purchase right away due to the FOMO effect (fear of missing out). 

CTAs provide a perfect spot for ecommerce owners and marketers to invoke a sense of urgency. Make sure your CTA copy includes all the right action words to drive sales and conversions. 

For instance, you can add words like ‘Hurry’,’ Quick’, and ’10-More Left’ to let your buyers know it’s the best time to make a purchase. 

3. Craft A Highly Compelling Copy

The purpose of your CTAs is to capture your customer’s attention and motivate them to invest in your products and services. Craft an impactful CTA copy that includes Power words to help you grab your audience’s attention. 

Do not copy your competitor’s CTAs. Use more creative words to substitute conventional terms like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Contact Us’. 

4. State The Value Proposition

The essential element of a powerful CTA is the value proposition. As we said earlier, your prospects will only find your CTAs compelling when they find them valuable.

The key here is to let your potential customers know that they will be rewarded if they take your desired action. 

CTAs like ‘Download Now – Save Up to 20%’ give a reason to your visitor to purchase from your store. 

5. Use Power Words

Getting your customers to click on a CTA to proceed with the purchase process isn’t as easy as it may sound. Online users visit multiple websites in a single day. It’s obvious they don’t get a chance to click every CTA button available on each website. Your CTAs should be powerful enough to stop your customer and force them to click on them for further details. 

Action-oriented words trigger excitement and help your visitors convert. Some of our favorite Power words you can incorporate into your CTA copy includes:

  • Add to Cart
  • Shop Now
  • Join Now
  • Subscribe

You can even add a creative flair to these Power words to make them look more personalized and appealing. 

6. Get Personal

CTAs provide online businesses with a chance to maintain a direct line of communication with their buyers. They’re full of expression and allow you to get your message across without the help of an intermediary or a middle man. 

Many brands use the second person to give their CTAs a more personalized touch. Research also proves that converting a CTA from first to the second-person generated a more than 90% increase in clicks. 

7. Include Security Features

Include Security Features

Security is the biggest concern for online shoppers. Integrating security features in your CTA text builds trust and helps your customers feel more confident about their purchase.

Almost all big brands, including Amazon, are leveraging security features while creating their CTA copy to ensure buyers their money is in safe hands. 

CTA copy as simple as ‘Sign Up Securely’ gives online shoppers confidence to share sensitive information with the brand. 

Similarly, you can use more security-related power words, such as ‘Easy Refunds’, ‘No Risk’, and ‘Certified’, to represent the professional and user-friendly image of your business. 

8. A/B Test Your CTAs

Last but not least, keep testing your CTAs to see what works best for your business. 

Experiment with the size, shapes, colors, and text of your CTAs and test them to determine what works best for you. 


CTAs are the best tools for improving ecommerce conversion rate. But it takes time and effort to create killer CTAs that contribute to your sales funnel and boost conversion rate.

Practicing the tips listed above will help you create a robust CTA strategy that can work wonders for any ecommerce business.

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