15 Essential Landing Page Tips For Maximum Conversions
  • By: Ricky Hayes June 25, 2021

Ecommerce Landing Pages: 15 Essential Landing Page Tips For Maximum Conversions

Gone are the days when having a single-page website with a homepage was enough to drive leads and conversions. Today, nothing is more critical for an ecommerce store than offering the best user experience. Many factors contribute to your conversion funnel, including landing pages. 

If you never heard of them earlier, you have come to the right place. We have created this post to help you learn everything you need to know about ecommerce landing pages, the way they work, and landing page tips for maximum conversions

What Is A Landing Page And How Does It Work?

Ecommerce landing page is a web page on your site where you can offer a specific product or service in exchange for a visitor’s contact details. In other words, it is a page that serves as a CTA for your online/offline marketing campaign.

What sets a landing page apart from the usual webpage is that it is more targeted and focuses on a particular stream of traffic. 

The landing page can either be a lead-generation page or a click-through page. 

A lead generation page is also known as a squeeze page. Its goal is to capture the visitor’s info through a lead-capture form. 

On the other hand, the click-through landing pages are designed to encourage buyers to add products to their carts and go down the funnel without any friction. 

Types Of Ecommerce Landing Pages

Types of Ecommerce Landing Pages

You can create different types of ecommerce landing pages depending upon the nature of your business and target audience. Some of them include:

Product pages

The product pages on your website also act as landing pages. 

Sadly, most store owners don’t pay heed to their product pages. By implementing the best SEO practices and incorporating commonly searched keywords and phrases, you can improve the visibility of your product pages in SERPs. 

Promotion pages

A promotion page is another type of landing page where you promote your trending products, seasonal deals, and discounts. It is critical to have a dedicated promotion page linked with your ad campaigns, demonstrating what you have in store for your customers. 

Search pages

Search pages also act as landing pages as they provide you with an opportunity to cater to the needs of a specific target audience.

Create a search result page where you can display the best possible matches to your visitor’s search. The trick here is to offer as much valuable information as possible and also allow users to filter the results. 

Benefits Of Landing Pages

As mentioned above, modern customers prefer websites where they can explore plenty of options in a short time. Having everything cluttered on your home page may confuse your visitors and even cause them to leave your store without buying anything. 

That’s where ecommerce landing pages step in. Designing ecommerce landing pages that convert is no joke. But you can enjoy many benefits when you get them done right. 

Improve Brand Value

Nothing impresses a first-time visitor than a sleek and well-crafted landing page. A landing page provides owners space to highlight the benefits of their products and tell prospects how those offers can positively impact them. 

Increase Conversions

Since landing pages contain targeted information for specific audiences, they provide upfront value to your visitors. That goes without saying that more value leads to more trust. 

When your visitors start trusting you as a brand, they won’t hesitate to spend their hard-earned money on your offers. 

Allow You To Measure Metrics Linked With Your Business

Landing pages also allow you to measure metrics associated with a specific product or a service. 

Let’s suppose your marketing team has initiated a campaign to launch any new email tool. You can measure the product page metrics to test how well your campaign is performing. 

So how can you create ecommerce landing pages that convert? Are there any specific landing page tips to maximize conversions? The following section answers these and many other similar questions. 

15 Essential Landing Page Tips For Maximum Conversions | Best Practices

1. Determine A Goal (Not Goals)

You have to determine a goal for your landing page before you start creating one for your website. 

Since landing pages are laser-focused on mainly one goal, it is essential to stick to a single offer instead of adding many things to your page.

Find answers to these questions to determine the exact conversion type you’re hoping to achieve. 

Are you looking to improve brand awareness and grow your email list through your landing page?

Do you want your visitors to fill in the lead-capture form available on your site so that your marketing team could follow up with them later on? Or do you want your buyers to add products to their carts and start shopping immediately?

2. Plan A Landing Page Layout (Think Responsive)

Once you know your goal, the next step is to plan your ecommerce landing page layout. 

As a general rule, a landing page includes the following essential elements:

  • A headline
  • A short description highlighting your offer
  • Images
  • A lead capture form
  • A clear CTA

The key here is to focus on each element separately so that your visitors can have the maximum value out of your offers. 

Designing a killer landing page with perfect optimization isn’t something every website owner can do successfully. But don’t worry. Many landing page templates are available online that you can also customize to fit your unique business needs. 

Just ensure you choose a drag-and-drop template that also is mobile-responsive so that your mobile visitors can have the same experience as your web/desktop visitors. 

3. Write A Copy Your Target Audience Can Resonate To

Sure, the headline is an integral element of your landing page layout. But what actually makes it shine is your landing page copy. 

While it may be tempting to add a long description covering all product specifics and details, it doesn’t persuade visitors to take action. 

Why? Because people usually have a limited time to review websites, compare options, and make decisions. According to research, a human’s average attention span is not more than 8-seconds. 

Try to create a concise copy that resonates well with your target audience. Create subheadings and bullets to improve readability and encourage your buyers to spend more time on your site. 

It is also crucial to focus on your product benefits instead of specifics and features (you must enlist them, though). 

4. Offer Value Above The Fold

Another proven ecommerce landing page tip for maximum conversions is to keep the most important information above the fold. Doing so will ensure your visitors get a snapshot of the most important message whether or not they choose to scroll down the bottom of the page. 

No, that doesn’t mean you can’t add content below the fold. But the main message should be on top of the page for better conversions. 

5. Add Visuals

The internet has turned into a visual marketplace in recent years. Since your customers can’t touch or feel the products just like a physical shopping experience, having relevant imagery on your ecommerce landing pages will help them make the right decision. 

The key here is to include visuals that look the same on desktops and mobile devices. 

If you’re using your above-the-fold space to show content, the place beneath that could be a perfect spot to showcase imagery. 

You must, however, not go overboard with your images. Only include pictures you think can add more value to your ecommerce landing page. 

6. Include Action-Driven CTAs

CTAs are powerful. They tell visitors where they should go next to proceed with the process. A CTA is a button or a link on your landing page that a visitor clicks to enter their details by filling out a lead-capture form. 

Craft your call-to-action CTA button copy using words that encourage visitors to take your desired action. Many marketers go with the usual ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Call Us’ CTAs. But it is better to choose phrases that are more creative and also trigger a sense of urgency. 

For this, you can use strong action words and numbers that provoke emotions and help your visitors become your paying customers. 

As far as the design of the button is concerned, buttons having rounded edges are more clickable. It’s also critical to choose the right font and color – something that pops out and captures the attention of your page visitors. 

7. Add An Irresistible Offer

Offering something extra in your offers is one of the best conversion tips that entice your visitors and convince them to make a purchase. 

Since the purpose of building a landing page is to drive conversions, it is essential to create an offer that your prospects will find irresistible and value-driven. 

That offer could be anything – a cashback offer, a BOGO deal, voucher, or a coupon code that visitors can redeem on their first purchase. 

8. Add Video 

Landing pages that include videos convert better than those that don’t. 

If you have a technical product, you can include an explainer video on your landing page to help customers know the real benefits of your product. 

Instead of crowding your page to discuss complex product specifics, you can use video to highlight your product features and other technical details your prospects might be interested in knowing about. 

9. Add Social Sharing Buttons 

Did you know you can also make your landing pages go viral by integrating social media sharing buttons? With these buttons, your visitors can share your landing pages with their social contacts with one click. Awesome, right?

10. Optimize For SEO

If your home page is your landing page, it is essential to optimize it for search engines. Optimize your landing page content for industry-specific keywords so that your potential customers can find your pages through organic search. 

You can use different keyword research tools available online to find the most relevant keywords. 

11. Create Urgency

Get visitors to make a quick buying decision by adding CTAs that trigger urgency. You can even embed a countdown timer on your landing page to let your buyers know they should take timely action.

Use action-driven words, such as ‘Now’, ‘Fast’, and ‘Today’ in your landing page copy, headline, and CTAs to create urgency.

This strategy can bring great value to the table when done right. 

12. Include An FAQ Section

Present-day customers have many questions, and most of them want answers right away. 

Sure, having a 24-hour live chat service can do wonders for your brand. But you may also consider having a dedicated FAQ section on your landing pages to provide instant product-specific answers to your customers. 

13. Optimize For Speed

Optimize For Speed

If you think your visitors will wait forever for your ecommerce landing page to load, then let us tell you they won’t. 

If your page takes too long (more than 3-seconds) to load, your visitors are likely to hit the back button and start exploring other options. 

Invest in fast web hosting and use a CDN. It’s also critical to compress your images and keep your site updated if you want to load it fast. 

14. Leverage Exit Pop-Up

Many marketers display a pop-up when a visitor arrives. But customers are usually least interested in providing their sensitive information when they enter a website. 

An exit pop-up is something that appears when a visitor intends to leave your site without taking your desired action. 

Craft your exit pop-up creatively, preferably with a lucrative discount offer that your visitors can’t resist. 

15. Do A/B Testing

Your customers are your biggest asset, and their opinions matter. Split testing your landing pages will enable you to identify which specific version gets more conversions and traffic. 

With this information at hand, it will be easier for you to design your other landing pages without investing in multiple page designs. 

Landing pages are an essential element of your conversion funnel. By following these simple tips, you can design landing pages that convert. All the best…

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