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  • By Ricky Hayes: April 8, 2021

16 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic In 2021

There are many reasons why online selling is better than having a brick-and-mortar store.  Customers can touch and check the quality of products when they buy anything from a physical store, but…

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  • By Ricky Hayes: February 18, 2021

Social Media & SEO: 8 Ways Social Media And SEO Work Together To Boost Results

New online sellers often have a misconception that SEO and social media are two entirely different entities. While your social media profiles might not directly influence your search engine rankings, the fact…

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  • By Ricky Hayes: July 2, 2020

How to do SEO Right for Your Shopify Store

In the beginnings of eCommerce, there were a few online stores – prompting proprietors to focus their energies on making aesthetically attractive stores and wait for customers to find them. However, with…

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